Camouflage Kits

This collateral campaign helps Cocoa Metro enthusiasts protect their chocolate milk from would-be thieves. The boxes can be punched out, assembled and placed over a bottle of dark drinking chocolate in the fridge.

Copy: Camouflage your Cocoa Metro. How to hide your dark drinking chocolate in plain sight.

Bottle Tags

This bottle tag campaign, like the previous campaign, helps Cocoa Metro enthusiasts hide their chocolate milk from would-be thieves. In this case, provided stickers can be placed on the bottle to make it appear to be something less appealing.

In Plain Sight

This poster campaign offers a few suggestions on how to best hide your Cocoa Metro from chocolate thieves. It was also featured in CA Exhibit.

Copy: Where will you hide your dark drinking chocolate?

Bottle Type

This poster/POP campaign appeared in the 2014 CA Typography Annual and Archive magazine.